Sentence Completion Practice Test 5


Scientists have discovered that our sense of smell is surprisingly _______¸capable of distinguishing thousands of chemical oder

  • A. rigid
  • B. inert
  • C. erratic
  • D. keen
  • E. innate
  • Answer: D


With these _______ sites as evidence, it would be _______ to draw definite conclusions as to the places typically selected as settlements by the people of the Neolithic age.

  • A. imperfect.. feasible
  • B. few.. unsound
  • C. complete.. ridiculous
  • D. abundant.. presumptuous
  • E. scatter.. prudent
  • Answer: B


Alice Walker’s prize winning novel exemplifies the strength of first person narratives; the protagonist tells her own story so effectively that any additional commentary would be _______.

  • A. subjective
  • B. eloquent
  • C. superfluous
  • D. incontrovertible
  • E. impervious
  • Answer: C


The importance of science in the practical affairs of modern societies is recognized even by its detractors, but, surprisingly, its positive influence on culture is often _______, even by its _______.

  • A. despised.. adversaries
  • B. ascertained.. partisans
  • C. conceded.. beneficiaries
  • D. nullified.. assailants
  • E. questioned.. champions
  • Answer: E


True to her altruistic beliefs, Natalie _______ the _______ attitude of her colleague that a client represented nothing more than a source of income and an opportunity for advancing one’s professional reputation.

  • A. applauded.. conscientious
  • B. condoned.. aggressive
  • C. lamented.. mercenary
  • D. adopted.. egotistical
  • E. belittled.. magnanimous
  • Answer: C


The athlete’s insistence on self-discipline had become _______; rarely, it seemed, did he allow himself even a minor indulgence.

  • A. dilatory
  • B. obsessive
  • C. spontaneous
  • D. infectious
  • E. unemotional
  • Answer: B


All female red Colobus monkeys leave their natal troops, but because these females are _______ by young females from other troops, the practice has little effect on troops’ size and composition.

  • A. joined
  • B. replaced
  • C. ignored
  • D. influenced
  • E. rejected
  • Answer: B


Some travelers from United States experience culture shock when they suddenly find themselves in a place where “yes” may mean “no” where a fixed price is _______, where laughter may signify _____.

  • A. alterable.. joy
  • B. unchangeable.. insult
  • C. sovereign.. merriment
  • D. incalculable.. harmony
  • E. negotiable.. anger
  • Answer: E


According to Burgess, a novelist should not _______¸for sermonizing has no place in good fiction.

  • A. invent
  • B. offend
  • C. inform
  • D. preach
  • E. distort
  • Answer: D


The archaeologist enjoyed the _______ life she led while gathering artifacts; she never stayed at any one site long enough to get bored.

  • A. stealthy
  • B. nomadic
  • C. clamorous
  • D. indiscreet
  • E. rustic
  • Answer: B


Medieval illuminated manuscripts art too _______ for exhibition except under rigorously controlled conditions of light, temperature, and humidity, and thus are _______ the majority of art lovers.

  • A. intricate.. imperceptible to
  • B. immaculate.. idolized by
  • C. fragile.. available to
  • D. valuable.. scorned by
  • E. vulnerable.. inaccessible to
  • Answer: E


The artistry of cellist Yo Yo Ma is essentially _______; the melodic line rises _______, imbued with feeling and totally lacking in apparent calculation.

  • A. carefree.. stiffly
  • B. reserved.. involuntarily
  • C. lyrical.. passionately
  • D. detached.. carefully
  • E. deliberate.. methodically
  • Answer: C


The supreme Court’s reversal of its previous ruling on the issue of State’s right _______ its reputation for _______.

  • A. sustained.. infallibility
  • B. compromised.. consistency
  • C. bolstered.. doggedness
  • D. exacerbated.. inflexibility
  • E. dispelled.. vacillation
  • Answer: B


Denise was astounded to hear that her brother, whom she knew to be quite _______, was described as taciturn and aloof by his colleagues at the university.

  • A. insular
  • B. placid
  • C. anguished
  • D. vacuous
  • E. garrulous
  • Answer: E


Because they are _______ to take financial loss that results from providing drugs for _______ markets, pharmaceutical manufacturers often do not produce needed drugs for rare diseases.

  • A. proud.. small
  • B. eager.. known
  • C. prone.. nebulous
  • D. loath.. limited
  • E. reluctant.. expanding
  • Answer: D

Score: 0/10