Sentence Completion Practice Test 1


It is ironic and somehow tragic that good people are often dull while evil people can be endlessly _______.

  • A. ordinary
  • B. stubborn
  • C. skeptical
  • D. fascinating
  • E. unobtrusive
  • Answer: D


Because most of them lack recreational facilities, high rise apartments have been criticized in recent years as _______ for families with children.

  • A. unsuitable
  • B. degrading
  • C. important
  • D. inevitable
  • E. appropriate
  • Answer: A


Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, which graphically exposed the _______ of the indiscriminate use of pesticides, is widely credited with having _______ the modern environmental movement.

  • A. advantages.. inaugurated
  • B. hazards.. defused
  • C. benefits.. launched
  • D. deaths.. contained
  • E. dangers.. inspired
  • Answer: E


Having turned out forty solo recordings, this hardworking harpsichordist can almost be classed as _______.

  • A. a contradiction
  • B. a sluggard
  • C. an apprentice
  • D. an event
  • E. an industry
  • Answer: E


It is impossible for a serious scholar to condone this _______ dismissal of respected theories.

  • A. astute
  • B. cavalier
  • C. sagacious
  • D. necessary
  • E. commendable
  • Answer: B


Harrying the foe with artillery fire and _______ them with fire ships, the English forced the Spanish to _______ their invasion attempt.

  • A. dispersing .. abandon
  • B. ramming .. confirm
  • C. restricting .. rebuff
  • D. helping .. reconsider
  • E. reinforcing .. ignore
  • Answer: A


Fortunately, Ms. Mason has the unusual ability to transform a tedious legal contention into an _______ account.

  • A. arid
  • B. erratic
  • C. improbable
  • D. absorbing
  • E. interminable
  • Answer: D


The descriptions in these essays range widely, from the fanciful to the matter-of-fact, from the _______ to the fatuous, from the objective to the _______.

  • A. witty.. realistic
  • B. meager.. descriptive
  • C. insightful.. impressionistic
  • D. inane. commonplace
  • E. articulate.. empirical
  • Answer: C


Students who interpret the honor strictly find it _______ that some bright students complete take-home examinations for less proficient friends.

  • A. remedial
  • B. irreproachable
  • C. unconscionable
  • D. irrelevant
  • E. magnanimous
  • Answer: C


The discovery that interstellar _______ exist _______ the scientific hypothesis that the expanses between the stars are devoid of matter.

  • A. galaxies.. revived
  • B. constellations.. prompted
  • C. molecules.. demolished
  • D. vastness.. challenged
  • E. Vacuums. Altered
  • Answer: C


Although the colonist resented the new British laws, they _______ them as long as England did not _______ them too strenuously.

  • A. rejected.. define
  • B. amended.. follow
  • C. tolerated.. enforce
  • D. defied.. interpret
  • E. welcomed.. observe
  • Answer: C


As the best-informed and most dispassionate of the panel members, Dr. Camila Torrez was the most ---- of those offering views on fission technology.

  • A. unsuspecting
  • B. preposterous
  • C. persuasive
  • D. confusing
  • E. temperamental
  • Answer: C


He was _______ in his vindictiveness, often feigning a disarming camaraderie while _______ his opportunity for revenge.

  • A. impulsive.. gauging
  • B. harmless.. preparing
  • C. resolute.. forgetting
  • D. brazen.. dreading
  • E. devious.. awaiting
  • Answer: E


Those who seek the advice of scientists in this matter should recognize that, because the knowledge available is _______. The reliability of the advice cannot be _______.

  • A. technical.. documented
  • B. coherent.. explained
  • C. explicit.. understood
  • D. inadequate.. guaranteed
  • E. extraneous.. denied
  • Answer: D


The _______ of modernist architecture _______ the natural human desire to celebrate the decorate, to take delight in ornament.

  • A. elaborateness.. neglects
  • B. austerity.. recognize
  • C. embellishment.. undermines
  • D. severity.. opposes
  • E. uniformity.. reflects
  • Answer: D

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