Everything You Need to Know about TOEFL

Introduction to TOEFL

Are you looking for information about the TOEFL? If you are, then you need to be aware that this is an English test that will assess the ability of an individual in Academic English. There will be four sections in the examination that the candidate will have to work on. The ETS has not just designed the test but they are also administering it. The highest score that a person can get in this test is 120 and generally, 90 is considered to be a good score. Colleges and universities located in English-speaking nations refer to the result of this test at the time of screening candidates from non-English speaking nations. There are two kinds of this test. One is the Internet-based Test and the other is the Paper-based Test. You can choose one that you would prefer, depending on the location you are in.

Sections in TOEFL

  • Reading: This is one of the first sections that you will have to work on. In the Internet-based Test (iBT), you will find that there will be 3 to 4 passages on academic topics and each of them will have around 700 words. After each passage, you will find questions relating to the same that you will have to work on. You need to finish this section in 60 to 80 minutes. In the paper-based test (PBT), the reading comprehension will have 50 questions that you will have to work on and the time given to you to finish this is 55 minutes. To score high, make sure you get a good idea about this section so that you will know how to handle the questions effectively.

  • Listening: In the iBT, you will find there are six audio recordings and questions relating to the same. Each recording will have around 5 to 6 questions that you will have to work on and you will be given 60 to 90 minutes to complete these. In the PBT, the Listening section will have three parts with a total of 50 questions that you will have to answer in 30 to 40 minutes.

  • Speaking: The speaking section is only found in the Internet-based Test (iBT) and not the Paper-based Test (PBT). It consists of six tasks where four are integrated and two are independent. The candidate will have to listen to conversation or lecture in the two integrated tasks and then answer a question based on the recording. In the other two integrated tasks, he will have to either read a short passage or listen to a lecture or conversation before answering a question that will be asked. Lastly, the independent tasks are those where there will be opinion questions on common topics.

  • Structure and Written Expression: This section is only found in the PBT and here, the candidate will have to work on twenty-five exercises where he will have to point out errors. Additionally, there will be fifteen more exercises where he will have to complete sentences correctly. He will be given twenty-five minutes to work on this section.

  • Writing: If you are collecting information regarding this test, you will know that this is the last section of this test. In iBT, there are two tasks and these are the independent and integrated tasks. In the independent task, the candidate will have to write an essay that will support his opinion on a certain topic. In the integrated task, he will have to read a passage and then listen to the speaker discuss the same. He will then have to write based on what he has heard. In PBT, the candidate will have to write an essay of 250 to 300 words approximately. The total time in iBT for this section is 50 minutes and in PBT it is 30 minutes.

Do Remember...

With thousands of educational institutions around the world using the result of this test as a tool to screen the students at the time of application, it is important that you get a high score. This is the reason why you need to know everything about this test so that you will be in the position to get a good score.