TExES Benefits

Importance of TExES

The Texas Examinations of Educators Standards is a system of testing for those candidates who are keen to become teachers or educators in the public schools of Texas and require a certification for this purpose. This exam is an upshot of a joint or mutual agreement between the State Board for Educator Certification and Texas Education Agency along with its contractor, which is referred to as ETS.

The objective of this test is to ensure that the candidates taking this test have the competence or the knowledge that is required for teaching in elementary classes through grade 12.

As far as ETS administration is concerned, there are two categories in which the test is administered for the candidates and those are included in the points below:

  • The Computer-Based Tests: The CBT or Computer-Based Tests are held in different centers that are specially equipped with the facilities for this administration and located in Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

  • The Paper-Based Tests: The PBT or Paper-Based Tests are held in limited centers that are located in Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

It corresponds to the level or grades in which the educators are supposed to teach the students. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • EC-4 : Educator Certification from childhood through fourth grade

  • EC-6: Educator Certification from childhood through sixth grade

  • 4-8: From fourth to eighth grade

  • 8-12: From eighth to twelfth grade

  • EC-12: Educator Certification from childhood through twelfth grade

There are various subjects on which this test is administered to the candidates who intend to take this test; however, they must discuss with the advisors or counselors before choosing the subjects for which the tests are conducted by ETS.

The candidates taking the Texas Examination of Educators Standards must understand the significance for taking these tests:

  • The tests are based on a specific criterion that is drawn by the authorities that conduct the test and measures the competency of the candidates based on the same and not with respect to the other competitors.

  • The tests intend to assess the knowledge of the examinees on the subjects that are tested along with their professional knowledge that is required by the educators for teaching in the public schools of Texas.

  • The scores evaluate the knowledge of the students by computing their overall performance in this test and also on the basis of their strengths and weaknesses in specific subjects.

  • By taking this test, the candidates are allowed to prove their skills in different subjects that are required for teaching the students in public schools.

  • Teachers are considered as role models who are responsible for shaping the lives of the students who are being taught by them. Therefore, the ways in which the ETS is formulated assists the authorities in choosing suitable candidates who are confident for executing the duties of a teacher.

  • The domain-level and competency-level scores indicate the areas and the contents of the test that require more attention by the candidates or the extent to which they need to improve or sharpen their skills for better performance in future. Additionally, the test takers must obtain a minimum score of 240 in order to begin with educators in elementary level institutions in Texas.

  • The levels or the test structure of TExES also help in bringing out the best in each candidate and allow them to demonstrate their skills and abilities in the subjects that are chosen by them.

The exam consists of multiple-choice questions and each section of the test is continued for five hours although the number of questions may vary in each one of those sections. The sections of the test may vary for each applicant according to the subjects that are chosen by them. However, each topic of TExES corresponds to a particular grade and a few of them are included below:

  • Science 4-8 and 8-12
  • Mathematics 4-8 and 8-12
  • Social Studies 4-8 and 8-12
  • Physical Education EC-12 implying Educator Certification from childhood through twelfth grade in Physical Education.

The ETS is a significant platform for exploring the qualities and professional knowledge of those candidates who intend to teach in the public schools of Texas.