Importance Of a Good Score in GRE

Good GRE score

Every college and university has its own definition of what a good score for GRE is and its importance. As you begin your preparation to appear for the test, you should first of all gather all the relevant knowledge about its scoring. Some colleges might want a good score in all the sections, whereas, some colleges may want a high score in only one section of the test and accept moderate scores in the other sections. There are also some colleges that do not consider these scores at all! You must first identify your dream college, before you even begin researching on the good score.

When you have decided on your dream college, your very first step should be to collect information on what the required scores for that college are and what are the pre-requisites to get you to that level. Generally all the information pertaining to eligibility criteria for the college is available online, likewise, some universities publish these queries in their journals and bulletins.

What is the Importance of a Good Score?

No doubt, a good score is important as it determines your eligibility for financial help. Some schools give very heavy preference to a high score, whereas other schools consider it as just a formality. A good result is important as it predicts your future in the graduate course; it is also important as it weighs your intellectual ability and gives an estimate of your IQ level.

A good score will assist you in identifying whether you have achieved the pre-requisites that are necessary to earn an entry into the college of your choice. It also reflects your motivation level and the passion to perform under stress and deadlines. It is important as it can make or break a student’s opportunity of getting admission into an institution of his own choice. It is also important, as without a high score, the student will not stand a chance of getting admission into a good graduate program.

In order to determine what a good score is, you should verify the statistics for accepting the applications at the college you are interested in. With the revised test coming in from August 2011, the whole perception of good score would take a different perspective. The score scale now ranges from 130 – 170 in 1-point increments from the old score level of 200 – 800 in 10-point increments for both Verbal and Quantitative reasoning sections. This would mean that the colleges will conclude that you and your friend (or any other student for that matter) performed similar to each other while deciding on your performance, if the score difference is relatively small.

In case, you are appearing for the test more than one time, the college will consider the highest test score of the student, while making admission decision. In contrast to this, some colleges adopt another method and simply take out the average of the scores and then take it into consideration. A good result is that which helps enhance the your opportunity of getting into a good graduate program along with other credentials.

What is a Good GRE Verbal Score?

The score in GRE is made up of quantitative, verbal and analytical writing assessment scores. Separate scores, especially a high verbal score is very important. Most of the good graduate schools put emphasis on a good score in the verbal section.  In order to understand what a good  score in the verbal section is and its importance, you must take a look at the requirement of the course that you wish to join. It depends on the school and the course, although you may have to wait a few months to check on the average percentile to get an idea of the best score in Verbal reasoning. Depending on the percentile acceptable by the college, the student can decide what a good verbal score is for him.

To achieve a good verbal score, you should have a good command over English language. Under normal circumstances, if you are more likely to score better if you are a native of English speaking country. But practice and perseverance can take you to great heights. You should begin familiarizing with the English grammar that was taught at school. Expertise in grammar serves as a milestone in achieving better score in Verbal reasoning.